Leader Enrolment and Training

Camp Leaders

All our leaders must have attended a Leader’s Training Course before they can be a leader at our children’s holiday camps.

To register as a leader, you must have attended a Leaders Training Course, within the last two years.

Training Courses

Leader’s Training Course

We cover each area of camp including leader requirements, discipline, duties, health & safety, counselling, activities, games, and participation in TAG time.

The cost of the leader’s training course is $60.

Horse Leadership Course

The Horse Leadership Course majors on getting to know how horses “think” and why they act the way they do under certain circumstances. This is incredibly helpful in so many ways and particularly for your own and obviously also the children’s safety and enjoyment.

The course also includes:

  • Catch a horse in the paddock
  • Let a horse go safely
  • Understanding how pressure affects horse behaviour
  • Steps in leading well, walk, stop, turn and correcting “misbehaviour”
  • Feed and water needs
  • And of course we cannot forget the “poo run”

Horse Leadership Course Cost: $60

Launch Training

Launch Training is a course for those wanting to be more confident and gain extra skills with the Curious Cove launch and the different aspects that we utilise her for.

The things that will be covered:

  • “man overboard”
  • rope work
  • safety at sea
  • anchoring, berthing & mooring
  • fishing
  • and a number of other interesting and worthwhile boating skills

Leader’s Launch Training Cost: $65

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